From Willies to Murder: Innovation in the sector

Innovation is a big buzz word at the moment and something the sector talks about a lot but are we ever really doing it?

There are a few campaigns I’ve seen lately that I think are interesting and worth reading about – some of them I would say are innovative and others I think are a step in the right direction. What do you think?

Treat, are pioneers in income generation; they’ve understood that the sector is treatchanging and there’s a space to find new ways to generate financial support.

From their extremely successful Charity Concierge service to their new product ‘Treat’ I would recommend trying to get into their headspace for a day. Treat is a service for employers to thank their employees and celebrate success.

You can try Treat for free here.

Whodunnit?, Macmillan Cancer Support

At home supporter-led activity has become so popular in the past year that it’s hard to find something that is truly innovative. Macmillan has capitalised on the popularity of escape rooms and murder mystery to create your very own stay at home murder mystery party.


Professionally done with an interesting storyline, I’ll certainly be keeping my eyes peeled on the fundraising results – I might even throw a party myself!

Best to do your event before 25 March so you don’t catch any spoilers on social media (but you can take part year round). Get your game pack here.

Feast your Eyes, Fight for Sight

Supper clubs are a dime a dozen but there’s something special about Fight for Sight’s ‘Feast your Eyes’ campaign. Not only does it connect their supporters to the cause, and creates a new tantalising experience but it’s simple to run with a delicious twist.feast-your-eyes

The concept is simple, host a dinner party but where you dine in the dark. Dans Le Noir in London has been incredibly popular for years, so why not recreate at home!

Feast your Eyes happens all year round and you can register to host an event here.

The Great Willy Waddle, Orchid

This September if you were to stumble towards Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park you will no doubt find lots of people dressed up inflatable penises (is that the plural? We’ll go with it!) to raise money for Orchid, the male cancer charity.orchid-wheres-willy-2016-26-750x437

Not necessarily inventive – we know lots of runs, walks, cycles with a fancy dress twist (I can still remember the hoard of gorillas running towards me one sunny September day a few years back). I like how bold, silly and downright fun this event is – whilst raising money for a very worthy cause!

The Great Willy Waddle happens on 26 September 2017 and you can register now here.

London Landmarks Half Marathon, Tommy’s

The challenge event market has exploded in the past few years, so what’s do unique about a new half marathon – especially one happening in London?llhm

Tommy’s have been bold enough to arrange and run their own half marathon in London but not only can people enter to raise money for Tommy’s, charities will also be able to buy places for their supporters. This is a fantastic event that merges fundraising with income generation and a really lovely route to top it off. The London Landmarks Half Marathon is on 25 March 2018.

You can pre-register for the London Landmarks Half Marathon here.

What do you think?

What innovative or interesting campaigns have you seen that you think should get noted? Tweet me @Holly_Christie or comment below so others can hear about them.


[Event] Innovation Workshop

I’m really pleased that the Corporate Fundraising Network has joined up with the fantastic team at Volume48 to run a half-day workshop on innovation for corporate volunteering.

This will be a practical workshop, where you should come away with ideas and ways to engage with your corporate partners. To not only bring them closer to your cause but hopefully generate income.

As part of the day, we will be joined by some fantastic people working in small to medium sized charities who can really show how a bit of agile and smart thinking can really change the way you engage with companies.

We would recommend this workshop for individuals working in small to medium sized charities but of course, others are welcome.

It will be happening on the 4 April and tickets are available now. Plus afterwards, you can sign up to attend the Corporate Fundraising Network – perfect!



  • Welcome from Holly Christie – Founder of the ‘Corporate Fundraising Network’
  • Introduction to Volume 48 and an outline of the day
  • How to innovate: How do we refresh and change the way we see corporate fundraising. What are the processes? Using live examples and how to benefit best from working together.
  • The corporate volunteering paradox: What do businesses really want? Is volunteering sustainable and what is the future? How can something be both beneficial and a problem at the same time
  • Corporate volunteering Ideas and problem-solving panel: Finally – Bring your problems! You can send your questions in advance, and we’ll take live problems too, with our panel of corporate fundraisers, and a room filled with other charity professionals we should be able to get to the bottom of your issues!
  • Networking begins – After the event, the normal Corporate Fundraising Network will be taking place, so you’ll be able to follow on from the workshop with networking and drinks in a relaxed atmosphere.