I remember about a year ago I was sat at the Media Trust Summit in the beautiful Museum of London listening to Emma Sheppard the Head of Brand and Communications at St John Ambulance. Emma shared with us all an incredible ad campaign called ‘The Chokeables’.

I remember feeling completely in awe of a campaign that not only challenges the brand perceptions of St John Ambulance but shares practical lifesaving skills and knowledge to parents of young babies. And the biggest win – the video was funny, engaging and not scary one iota.

I did wonder – what next?

Just last week – a year on, I was scrolling through Facebook whilst waiting for the bus where a friend had shared a photo of a new babygrow she had got from Tesco. On the inside were instructions on baby CPR – made in partnership with St John Ambulance.

This partnership with Tesco is a continuation and a great addition to St John Ambulance’s Nursery Rhymes Inc. campaign. Tesco gave away free limited edition babygrows in their selected stores on the 13 October and also helped raise awareness and funds for St John Ambulance.

There’s still an opportunity to bag a babygrow by entering their competition here.

Why baby CPR?

Other than the obvious, that it can save a baby’s life – the most startling statistic for me was:

Parents told us that their baby not breathing is the first aid emergency they fear the most, yet only one in four know what to do.”

I’m confident that St John Ambulance’s incredible team with the Nursery Rhymes Inc. campaign and further ventures such as the one with Tesco will result in more parents knowing what to do.

I’ll certainly be sharing these videos with every parent I know.


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