Who are Volume48?

Volume48 are an incredible organisation working with charities to create dynamic and interesting volunteering and employee engagement days for companies. This isn’t your usual fence painting or gardening this is genuine engagement with a charity’s cause and message whilst having a really good time and enabling employees to get to the heart of what is so rewarding about volunteering.

I was incredibly privileged to have been able to volunteer for Volume48 earlier this year on an event they were doing with the charity FoodCycle as part of NBC Universal’s annual Cares Day. You can read about my day here.

New Charity Partners

Over the past 18-months, Volume48 have worked with a number of incredibly charities and companies to make a greater impact with employee’s time.

They’ve raised tens of thousands of pounds already and the activities they’ve created are honest, sustainable and repeatable.

Applications opened today (7 October) for new charity partners and I would highly recommend applying for the opportunity – especially if you work at a small to medium sized charity.

It’s important to Volume48 that their charity partners not only get back their much-needed resource but also have a sustainable and engaging way to work with corporate partners who approach them for volunteering opportunities.

But why?

What struck me most when working on the FoodCycle day for NBC Universal was that the employees taking part were doing an activity that FoodCycle’s volunteers do on a daily basis. Importantly the staff left feeling they had connected with FoodCycle as a cause and understood what FoodCycle was trying to solve through their activities – something that painting a fence can never do.



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