‘Are you ready to travel the country and support 40 incredible charities?’ that’s the tantalising question that you are greeted with when you visit The Nicest Job in Britain.

Nicest Jobs was set up to showcase the amazing people that work at life-changing organisations in Britain, not just the good but all of the challenges that staff face to ensure they can make their charity’s vision a reality.

The Nicest Job came from that, they decided to create one nicest job which sounds like a phenomenal experience to give back, learn, listen and engage with some exciting, empowering and engaging charities across the UK.

I’ve been saying for a while now that the charity sector needed a voice that spoke from the heart and spoke about the charity sector as a whole. A voice that wasn’t afraid to contradict what the media was saying. A voice that was bold, inoffensive and challenging. A voice that would allow all the people working in the sector to feel proud of the work that we do, every day. The Nicest Job is a step in that direction.

Professionals working in the third sector, especially fundraisers, have taken a beaten in the past couple of years, sometimes rightly and sometimes wrongly; but I haven’t felt there’s been a strong voice fighting our corner. The Institute of Fundraising have been lacklustre in their support of fundraisers, whilst NCVO have fought as hard as they can.

It’s an interesting time to be working in the sector but I am excited by organisations such as The Nicest Job emerging, with powerful digital campaigning and technology, to change the image of the sector and to celebrate what’s good.

I was particularly pleased with their PokemonGo & Raise campaign – it’s important for charities to try to be dynamic and agile to capitalise on new trends.

And the answer to their question, yes! I for one would love to take on The Nicest Job in Britain and it would be an honour and privilege. Applications close 16 September, so get moving!


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