Small Charity Week begins today and I’m incredibly excited to see all the celebrations to showcase the life-changing work that small charities do throughout the UK.

Small charities make up 97% of the registered charities in the UK which is an amazing 160,000 charities, not including the number of charities that are too small to register, these are often called ‘Micro Charities’.

Small charities in the UK are always facing funding pressures and struggling to keep their services open or available to a wider beneficiary group.

I was really impressed when the FSI set up Small Charity Week to celebrate the phenomenal work that small charities do every day; encouraging public giving, raising their profile and in general celebrating their existence.

The FSI (Foundation for Social Improvement) are an amazing organisation and definitely worth visiting their website if you’re a small charity as they offer invaluable expertise and support.

I’m always impressed by small charities, from the West Hampstead Women’s Centre where I’m a Trustee to my local independent non-profit cinema, The Lexi, and the money it raises for its fellow charity The Sustainability Institute; to other small charities that are providing food, company, support, and care for people and animals in their local communities. Their work is invaluable and it should definitely be praised.

It’s important to showcase the work of the little dog. Large charities can often dominate conversations in the sector, with the general public and by politicians and media alike. Indeed, a lot of people in the general public in recent months have found them distrusting the large charities with the huge brands but their trust and love for their small local charity providing services still prevail. Though it prevails through constantly swimming upstream. Many of these people who love and appreciate the service provided by these small charities often also, don’t quite realise that they are a charity and exist on the goodwill of donors and impeccable fundraising.

I’m looking forward to seeing all the celebrations this week and hopefully bringing to my attention some of my local small charities that I just don’t know about yet!

Small Charity Week have intelligently focussed on different celebrations and services for each day of Small Charity Week. The below screen grab will show you, click on it to take you to their website to find out more.




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