Forgive me in advance for what may be considered a silly post.

I always love seeing new and interesting ways that people choose to fundraise for causes close to their heart.

The other day I was out for a walk with some friends of mine. We meet up and do self-guided ghost walks of London, using this amazing book from Richard Jones ‘Walking Haunted London’. Although a slightly geeky pastime it does introduce us to new parts of London and most importantly all routes will take you to pubs with interesting stories and history. So I have a good backlog of great pubs in London, which is always handy.

Our latest walk took us to The Grenadier in Belgrave Square. A cute little pub tucked down a mews which was incredibly difficult to find!

The pub is so called after a young Grenadier whom is said to have been caught cheating at a game of cards. As the story goes he was savagely beaten to death by his comrades and it is known for a solemn, silent spectre to have been witnessed creeping slowly across the pub.

To pay for is debts visitors of the pub are said to attempt to pay off his debt by attaching money to the ceiling, after a century-old tradition, it truly is an amazing.


Whilst in the pub I saw a wall of newspaper cuttings about the pub and my eye was drawn to the article shown below from the Daily Mail from Friday 13 June 1969.

The article describes a young girl who recruited friends to stay in the cellar of The Grenadier, and asking for sponsorship from friends and family to raise money for The Spastic Society, now known as Scope.

Ghostly Fundraising1

I was delighted to read this small newspaper story, to see how people have always been innovating to find new ways to raise money from their friends and families. Walks, runs, treks, cycles and bake sales are great, because they work; but there’s something thrilling of the idea of these girls choosing to do something they’re scared of to raise money for a cause they care about.

It made me realise that people often put themselves at their most vulnerable or in situations that terrify them the most to raise money for causes that are important to them. From skydiving, to swimming the channel, to a 5k run to sleeping in a cellar that is rumoured to be haunted.

I commend the thousands of people who are putting themselves out there because it’s important to them to make a difference to their family, friends and wider community.

Just as importantly, if you’re in London, visit the pub, it’s brilliant!

P.S. You may have noticed that I decided to publish this blog 47 years after the newspaper article was published.


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