In a previous piece I wrote about Behind the Scenes of British Science and in 2016 one of our partners on the initiative was the Royal Mail.

They organised fantastic tours on their Warrington and London mail sites and I was lucky enough to attend their tour of the Mount Pleasant mail centre in Farringdon, London.

I was really delighted when Royal Mail agreed to take part in Behind the Scenes of British Science, as a British institution that everyone in the UK has heard of but often don’t know about the amazing technology and engineering that they are inventing and using every day to deliver millions of pieces a mail every day.

At Royal Mail, they chose to give the duty of organising the day to a couple of their Apprentices as a training and development opportunity. This was such a fantastic idea! Not only did it really engage with the young people who attended the day but also gave their Apprentices an invaluable opportunity to share their journeys, speak to their younger peers and build up their confidence in the soft skills that are so important.

Royal Mail

As part of the partnership, Royal Mail also gave the British Science Association the opportunity to have a postmark for British Science Week.


We were so excited to have this in place, a Royal Mail postmark goes on over 6million pieces of mail every day, this gave the British Science Association an invaluable opportunity to reach millions of people through the British Science Week brand. It also gave us a huge celebratory feel!

I can’t say how important this partnership was for British Science Week through building our reaching to enabling us to engage with young people in an environment that is often closed.

It also helped that everyone at Royal Mail were incredibly friendly, efficient, passionate and professional.

As soon as The Postal Museum opens in 2017 I will be the first visitor – I can’t wait to see the underground mail train!


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