Last July I had the pleasure of organising the British Science Association Staff Away Day. As an 185-year-old organisation, you can imagine that many of the ‘go to’ Staff Away Day ideas had already been done!

I was keen to try something different and more importantly to do something that would give back to a fellow charity in some sort of way. That’s how we ended up on the Kentish Town City Farm.

In the afternoon we grafted hard; building, fixing, weeding and generally doing all the jobs that the staff and volunteers just don’t have enough time to get done as part of their everyday work. Though a highlight for me is meeting this beautiful cow who I think enjoyed the Development team’s attention.


Kentish Town City Farm is a fantastic place and needs as much funding it can get due to Camden Council’s inevitable cuts beginning in the next month or so. The Farm, like most city farms, is situated in and around houses, community buildings and even over a railway bridge! Making the most out of the space that it can get.

If you’re ever in the local area it is well worth a visit.

The British Science Association staff had a great time, City Farm’s make a great location for volunteering but to also get to know one another better, what’s better than bonding over adorable farm animals? (including little piglets!)

I’ve also written about great employee engagement with charities on this website, read more in my blog piece here.




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