This year I was delighted to be able to announce a new partnership with 3M, an innovative company which is much more than post-it notes.

3M’s main principle is ‘Science applied to life’; this principle really rang true with the work that the British Science Association is doing to make science a part of British culture and society. 3M is a company that innovates and looks to solve problems facing society through creativity and ingenuity.

The first part of our partnership was to work on British Science Week, a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths, encouraging everyone to get involved with science, to take part and enjoy the fun and fascination that science can bring to life.

On Tuesday, 15 March, the British Science Association and 3M celebrated the new partnership with core 3M activity taking place throughout the UK, including an event for young people at their Customer Innovation Centre in Bracknell. I spoke briefly about the partnership before, read more here.

I am particularly excited to see how the relationship continues moving on to some work that will be happening at the British Science Festival in September 2016, hosted by Swansea University.

What I loved most about 3M as a company was how surprising I found them. I had only really heard of the 3M brand in relation to post-it notes and a few other items such as Scotchgard before but with over 19,000 products listed on their website you’re sure to have used and encountered their inventions before.

I’m looking forward to seeing this relationship grow and develop and to see 3M become even more recognised for their contributions to the British, and worldwide, science innovation and discovery industry.


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