Last week I gave blood for the 13th time. I’ve always been really impressed with NHS Blood & Transplant in the way they communicate with me as a donor, but I was particularly impressed with their new engagement tool.

The day after I donated I received a text message. I am used to receiving messages from NHS Blood & Transplant; reminding me to drink plenty of water before my appointment, to reschedule if I can’t make it and to thank me for taking the time to donate.


I was particularly pleased to receive a text which told me which hospital my blood had been issued to; this time, it was University College Hospital.

After giving blood I often get a fuzzy feeling of happiness (or it could be from giving away a pint of my blood) because I know that I have done something that can help people, not only by potentially saving lives, supporting cancer patients or just by helping researchers continue life-changing research.

I was really pleased to get a message that was so personal to my donor journey.

It got me thinking about people who donate money or time to charity and how we can make their donor journey more personal.

I think many charities are already really good at this, using more than just mail merge tools, but how do you do this in a way that creates a personal feel to the way you communicate without becoming resource heavy?

I would be really interested to hear the thoughts of others in the sector or even from donors and their experiences of their donation journey.

There’s also something around creating an ‘air of personal’ to a donor’s journey. We’ve all seen the breakdowns at the donate now part of a charity’s website where they tell you how different increments of donations can do XYZ. Common sense dictates that not every £10 donated can help build a well, but knowing that it can help makes the world of difference when you donate.


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