On Friday 22 April I was privileged to be part of a day full of amazing employee engagement with some incredible charities.

Every year NBC Universal staff take part in ‘Cares Day’ an annual celebration of staff giving back to their local communities.

I was proud to volunteer my time with Volume48 on one of their five charity events taking place, developed in partnership with five amazing charities for NBC Universal.

The charities Volume48 and NBC Universal worked with were Foodcycle, The Choir with No Name, Contact the Elderly, Radio Chelsea & Westminster and, MediCinema. Five fantastic charities who are making a difference to their beneficiaries every day.

I was working on one of the Foodcycle events, taking place at the Avenue Cookery School in Putney. We had two teams of 25 NBC Universal employees who took part in the Food Invention Challenge.

Who are Foodcycle?

Foodcycle is an incredible charity; they take surplus food from supermarkets etc. across the UK and their team of fantastic volunteers will create tasty, nutritious meals for vulnerable people in their local community. Their aims are simple but effective; build stronger communities through shared meals, reduce food poverty by providing nutritious, tasty three-course meals to those in need and, reduce social isolation and loneliness by providing communal dining experiences.

What is the Food Invention Challenge?

The Challenge takes what Foodcycle volunteers do all the time and makes it into a superb engagement day for employees. NBC Universal staff were split into teams and their challenge was to create a two or three-course meal which would be donated to local people to tackle food poverty and social isolation.

NBC Universal’s staff really got involved, they created some fantastic meals which were subsequently donated to a local elderly residential home and to a local youth group at St Mary’s Church.

The participants I spoke to on the day had a really great day, not only did they get chance to speak and engage with colleagues who they’ve never met before but they felt that they had done something that day that was enjoyable, rewarding and just as importantly fun!


What impressed me?

I was thoroughly impressed with NBC Universal for putting on such an amazing employee day, that happens all over the world. My Twitter feed was full of events taking place globally. NBC really are leading the way in employee engagement and working with charities to help staff give back.

I was, as ever, impressed with Volume48 for putting on these unique events, that empower the beneficiaries and engage employees, knocking down barriers and creating conversations that haven’t been had before.

My highlight

I spent my whole day in Putney with the 50 NBC staff and Foodcycle volunteers, but the joy of social media is that I was able to see all the other events taking place across London.

I have written about The Choir with No Name in the past, they’re an incredible organisation and really know how to engage with you. One of the events developed by Volume48 and the Choir was a ‘Singing Workshop’. NBC staff were tasked in the morning to write and compose a song, in the afternoon the London Choir experts attended and practised the new song in preparation for their evening performance.

They performed that evening at St Giles in the Fields church, just watching this YouTube video gives me goosebumps.


For the beneficiaries of The Choir with No Name it was incredibly empowering for them to be the experts, their voices were heard and how amazing that NBC staff got to experience and engage with a charity in such an intimate way.


I thoroughly recommend you check out the #nbcucaresday on Twitter to see everything that went on and this blog from Volume48 showcases the day really well!

More information about Volume48 and how you can work with them can be found on their website www.volume48.co.uk




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