British Science Week is in full swing, beginning on Friday 11 March we are already on our fifth day and the British Science Association’s offices haven’t stopped buzzing!

Today, 15 March, we are celebrating one of our key supporters for British Science Week, 3M. A fantastic science-based innovative company that is much more than people in white coats in a lab.

Wynne Lewis, 3M’s R&D Director, wrote this brilliant blog post for the British Science Association in celebration of British Science Week. In this blog, Wynne talks about why 3M don’t recognise failure and how ‘science applied to life’ is integral to the innovation and work that 3M do every day.

I’m really pleased that 3M have become a partner of the British Science Association’s and I can’t wait to show everyone what we have in store for later on in 2016!

Read Wynne’s blog post here.

This British Science Week we have thousands of events taking place across the UK. Find one near you on


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