Exactly one month ago I took part in Refuge’s Walk4 and I was reminded how important it was to not only have an event that was engaging but a concept that participants could get behind.

The concept around Walk4 was brilliant and incredibly thought-provoking. Walk4 Refuge because 1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence. We crossed four of London’s most iconic bridges (Tower Bridge, Southwark Bridge, Millennium Bridge and Westminster Bridge), and whilst doing so supported Refuge to provide vital services that will keep women and children safe, whilst working with them to rebuild their lives, free from violence and fear.


Walk4 put at the forefront of everyone’s minds that shocking statistic of 1 in 4 women and a very visual reminder by walking over four of the most iconic bridges in London.

Walk4 became not just a great fundraising event but additionally became a solidarity march, on that day we were there as participants, survivors, allies, fundraisers, and activists.

Participants were well looked after all the way through, from a very cheery welcome to great marshals along the route cheering you along, to a lovely reception at the end; where you were greeted with a smiley face, free drink, and a goodie bag.

Refuge got the whole day spot on and that’s in the most part due to their amazing staff team; hats off.

I hope that Refuge raised a great deal amount of money to help them continue their vital work. I look forward to the Walk next year and I really can imagine it will grow into something huge.

If you want to make a donation to Refuge, here’s my fundraising page.



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